Contract Lifecycle Management

6/19/20231 min read

Keeping track of all the contracts a business enters can be quite a challenge. When is a contract expiring; when is a payment due; whether an addendum was made; when should a notice for termination be sent; when is an increment applicable; or whether a dispute has arisen or may arise? These are just a few questions that entail legal consequences for a business. Even more importantly, these questions have a business/financial implication.

Process Fox, with our legal and management expertise, can help your organization with issues such as: contract drafting and review, contract abstraction and data extraction, analysing contracts for legal pitfalls, creating schedules for different contractual obligations, and reporting on compliance issues.

Our services are particularly relevant for businesses/law firms involved in real estate & property management with various leases and licencing agreements, large enterprises with subsidiaries and complex retail and supply chain management, and professional services heavily relying on client engagements and milestone-based deliverables.