Witness Statement

You send us the case file, we provide you with a high quality draft - within hours!

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coffee latte near white wireless keyboard and Apple EarPods on the table photography

Witness statements play a crucial role in family law cases in the United Kingdom. These statements are sworn documents that provide a firsthand account of events and circumstances relevant to the case. Properly drafting and reviewing witness statements is essential to presenting a clear and compelling case before the court.

At Process Fox, we know courts are more likely to view a coherent statement as reliable and credible, strengthening the individual's position in the case. When the statement is structured logically, it reflects careful thought and preparation, demonstrating a genuine commitment to presenting accurate information.

Working with Process Fox offers numerous advantages when it comes to drafting witness statements. Specialized expertise, time and cost savings, flexibility, scalability, confidentiality and quality control, are just some of the benefits that law firms and legal departments can enjoy. By leveraging the skills and resources of Process Fox, you can ensure that witness statements are prepared accurately, efficiently, and in compliance with legal requirements, enabling you to focus on the core aspects of your cases. Embracing legal process outsourcing for witness statement drafting can be a strategic move towards optimizing legal operations and achieving favorable outcomes in legal proceedings.

All you need to do is provide us with the client's file (application, supporting documents etc.) and we will draft a witness statement - in the style your law office prefers - within 24 hours. Give your legal team the much needed additional bandwidth while we provide you high quality drafting.